What’s the New Lottery Game?

whats the new lottery game

What Is the New Lottery Game? On Monday, Florida Lottery introduced four brand new scratch-off games with top prizes ranging from $2 to $10 Million. Of particular note is their $10 TRIPLE 777 Scratch-Off Game that boasts over six million winning tickets with total cash prizes exceeding $318.9 Million including eight top prizes of $2 Million! Retailers should have them ready for sale within 48 hours.

IGT’s selection of Draw games offers the ideal mix of play mechanics and price points to meet the needs of lottery partners, such as Cash POP which has an accessible design meant to appeal to multiple player groups.

Hoosier Lottery app brings members-only fun right into your pocket – instantly check if you won, enter 2nd Chance promotions, create digital playslips for all of your favorite Draw games – including Cash POP! And it’s totally FREE! Download today and start playing your way. Even create Cash POP playslips that you can show to participating Hoosier Lottery retailers for easy ticket pickup – the odds may differ based on selection!